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STUDIO SORORES one to one online consultations hourly EVENT AND WEDDING PLANNING DESIGN
STUDIO SORORES one to one online consultations hourly EVENT AND WEDDING PLANNING DESIGN
STUDIO SORORES one to one online consultations hourly EVENT AND WEDDING PLANNING DESIGN



Some people might decide to proceed with planning and designing their own wedding or private event. Just the initial thought of planning a complex or large scale event with multiple vendors sounds daunting to most people, but with restraints on budget or a personal passion for parties there are some who are happy to take on this kind of project on their own. However during the process you can understandably become overwhelmed, and feel like you would like to get some initial advice and support from a professional planner and designer. 

We are delighted to offer this highly valuable yet simple consultation service booked in one hour time slots, online or in person, which is an affordable alternative to our full planning and design service. This is for you if you would love some direction and expertise, but ultimately will be happy to put in a bit of work yourself to manage and oversee the event production process from start to finish. You book an online session below, we send a Q&A and link to available time slots and off we go! 





This type of service works for a variety of people at completely different stages in the planning and design process, and can be completely transformative.


- You haven’t started planning a wedding or event yet,  and you believe that you can manage it alone, but you would love to talk through your ideas and concepts with a planner and designer that you can trust. 


You are overwhelmed with ideas and can't make up your mind, or finding it hard to find a common thread to ensure your design ideas are cohesive.. Having someone to advise and offer you clarity will help to develop a definite sense of design direction.


- You may be completely happy with your designs and plans to date, but you’d like an expert producer and planner to offer some feedback and walk you through requirements for the final run up to the event itself.  


Regardless of where you are in the planning process, we can provide styling suggestions, suggest ideas for colour palettes, or even help recommend vendors or sources for products. The more information you provide in advance, the better we can plan our time for you in each hour long session. You can also book multiple sessions or send this service as a gift to a friend, family member or colleague. Let us know and we'd be delighted to send a voucher. 



It’s best to come prepared, being ready to share your ideas and progress to date, as well as having a list of questions for us. It is always more productive if you have a clear vision, or can focus on one element of the planning process that you are struggling with. If the 60 minute session goes well, but you feel you do need more support, then we are always willing to look at bespoke packages or upgrade you to our full planning and design service.


Each session costs £350 + VAT and must be booked online below in advance. Once purchased you will be able to download our Q&A and we will contact you with availability to book in your session time.  

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