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Luxury Wedding Planner | London, The Cotswolds, UK & Europe

At some point after the initial excitement of your engagement, you may decide it's time to hire in some professional help with a wedding planner.

Increasingly popular in the UK as couples continue to focus on their careers and lifestyle, there is a huge range of options out there to suit different styles and budgets.

However it can be a bit of a minefield when trying to choose your own! Depending on your budget you may wish to hire in services for:

  • Full service planning and production, to cover every detail

  • Partial or bespoke planning services - for example helping to find the perfect venue, managing the budget and creating a design plan

  • Final co-ordination and styling services (typically starting a few weeks before the big day)

It's important to note that many venues will offer an "in house wedding planner". Typically this job role is actually more of a venue co-ordinator whom only recommends preferred vendors and won't undertake the same level of work as in independent wedding planner - so do make sure you check!