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Studio Sorores | London & The Cotswolds | Luxury Wedding Planner

I've been an independent wedding planner in the UK for over 8 years now - I set up my first business when there were some heavy weight old school planners at the top and not many alternative options on offer. My aim was to shake up the industry and bring my eye for design into the world of logistical event planning... I positioned myself from the outset to cater for those who desired a more modern approach to luxury weddings. Less ostentatious, more quietly beautiful and with a heavenly experience for guests who were (even then) beginning to show a demand for more stylish concepts. Still timeless, still elegant, but unique and stand out from the crowd "wow".

Since then I have seen so many new planners come and go in the European market . Few have lasted the test of time, as they have slowly realised the role is one of the most stress inducing jobs you could possibly choose to pursue. It's not all glamorous networking, choosing pretty flowers and sipping champagne; turns out it is pretty tough creating and managing large scale events on momentous occasions for emotionally invested clients!

Whenever I have mentored or taught other aspiring and developing wedding planners, I have often explained that the job is almost like being a PA/interior designer/counsellor/project manager rolled into one. Whilst experience will help you rise to the top - the skills required are not easily learned. You've either got it or you haven't!