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Nude Wedding Flowers Trend Studio Sorores Luxury Florist Planner London Cotswolds

It's a trend that we're SUPER into. I love so many different colour combinations, but it is refreshing to simplify the palette, use less green, explore the 50 shades of nude! I have always been a nude enthusiast (ha) when it comes to clothing, it makes me feel fresh and clean and less tired! Necessary when you're an event florist. Overcoming tiredness is an art in itself.

Particularly as we are moving towards colder months, this feels even more relevant. Think frosty browned ferns, crunchy leaves, that first smell of winter when you step outside in the morning. Then combine that feeling with warmth. Soft gooey toffee, the comforting smell of mahogany and firewood. Raw linens. Untreated ceramics. A soft glaze rather than a harsh dye. Textured grasses more associated with warmer climates. Sand. The dessert. That brings me to dried ingredients. Pearly lunaria, reflecting the fresh morning light. Sun bleached seed pods and dried wheat.

A combination of being so warm that I can only bear to wear thin pale linens, combined with a cold winter walk that requires layers of thick warm knitwear as you walk through the frosted landscape.

The best of both worlds. The ultimate contrast. Yet one shade: Nude.

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