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We work closely with some of the finest professional photographers in Europe on our weddings and private celebrations, understanding that capturing the memories and details of special occasions is extremely important to our clients. One of our favourite and most recommended film photographers in the UK is Katie Julia.

She recently sent us some images of fine art albums she'd made bespoke for our wedding clients (see gallery below), and we decided to ask her to give some advice on why it's so important to print and curate your wedding photos into timeless keepsakes:

"Social media posts are here today and gone tomorrow" - Katie Julia

1. Your children will want to treasure something tangible and live that day with you when you show them the physical images… its quite a special thing to inherit.

2. Digital preservation has a short shelf life. They will be on social media for a few days, before people post about new things, and just a few years on the computer maybe. Keeping them on a hard drive is a good idea but even they don't last forever - so what happens after that? A tangible book can last a lifetime (only the highest quality will stand the test of time, so do invest wisely).

3. Celebrate them in your home, have them on your walls, have imagery that compliments your interiors and enhances the space you live in everyday. People will come round and experience it with you, and often it will start a conversation around it. It reminds you of your most special day, every day. What a beautiful thing!

4. Seeing your images in real life is SO different so seeing them on screen - its like seeing a painting in real life vs seeing a photo of it. The impact is next level. The luminosity and nuances of a print on beautiful paper - it can not be experienced to its full potential on a screen . You need to see it in real life. Even a much larger print starter to revel depth, detail and texture like a small print just won’t do.

If you are planning a wedding and would like support in finding the very best vendors in the UK and Europe then email us at to see how we can help.

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