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The Cotswolds is one of the most popular destinations for weddings in the UK, and for a very good reason too. It's an area of outstanding natural beauty, close to many public transport links and airports, and houses some incredible properties, wedding venues, food and drink producers, and the most stunning settings to celebrate your marriage.

Founder of Studio Sorores, Jessie Westwood, was born in Gloucestershire, and spent her childhood in the Cotswolds, returning in 2009 after a period of time studying and working in London. Launching her wedding planning and design business in 2010 she has unrivalled local knowledge and the very best connections stretching from Gloucestershire to Oxfordshire and Wiltshire.

She's offered her advice to those looking to host their wedding in The Cotswolds:

"I unashamedly love where I live, and still think it's one of the most beautiful parts of the country, and comparable to other popular destinations in Europe. It's so easy for guests to access and we have an abundance of luxury hotels, venues and boutique offerings to host your celebrations. Whilst I travel internationally for my clients, I always enjoy planning and designing events close to where I live. There are huge benefits in choosing a planner locally who has the very best access to suppliers and secret locations, is able to attend site visits on short notice and on hand to personally liaise or meet with you when visiting.

"In my efforts to commit to sustainable practices for our business, I am hugely focused on using regional teams and suppliers wherever possible. I spend a lot of time interviewing and exploring Cotswolds based businesses, and growing our team of experts here. From small flower farms, to incredible food and drink producers, and even small artists commissioned for bespoke projects"

"Most of my clients live in London or abroad, so I am used to travelling to them for meetings or liaising online in different time zones. When they come to stay in The Cotswolds I ensure they have the very best hotel and restaurant bookings in the area - all tried and tested personally!"

"There are a few key considerations if you are considering a Cotswolds wedding - primarily that the style of architecture here tends to lend itself best to smaller weddings under 150 guests. Luckily most venues have beautiful grounds and gardens where you can create more space with a marquee, but you need to be aware of that possible extra cost."

"I would highly recommend you hire an experienced local planner if wanting to host a wedding in The Cotswolds, they can help you discover the hidden gems and ensure you have a team who are on hand throughout to support you. Since my home area is so popular you will unfortunately find many people will advertise themselves as a Cotswolds specialist or local supplier when they don't actually live or have a workplace here. So please check, as it really does help to have someone who genuinely knows the area best (not to mention reduced your travel and accommodation expenses!)."

Studio Sorores is a specialist wedding planning and design agency, internationally renowned for their "laid back luxury" aesthetic and style led approach to timeless, elegant and truly memorable events and celebrations. To enquire about our services please email with your initial brief or requirements.


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