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It's no secret that Studio Sorores is known for it's luxury approach to planning and designing events - not a hint of cheap showiness, but true luxury in the modern sense of the word. Yes there is an artisanal aspect of what we do (particularly when it comes to floral design), but there is so much more behind the scenes that clients only know about once they hire us. It's very much a community here, and our clients tend to share a lot in common.

It's not about the price tag as much as the experience. We work with a range of budgets but we are careful about whom we work with. That applies to vendors as much as anyone else, and we carefully assess personal and business values as well as talent. For nearly ten years we have been cultivating a company culture that is exclusive but also authentic.

One of the key elements of our planning services we have always focused on is integrity and honesty. We understand that our clients don't just want to be told what they want to hear. They don't want a "yes-man", they want someone who will listen carefully, and truthfully give their professional advice whilst also offering absolute transparency in the way in which they work. We place value above cost, at all times. Understanding individual priorities and managing a budget (no matter how small or large), whilst delivering the highest level of design and style impact, has always been a priority for us.

Bridging the gap between tradition and modernity is often a difficult task, but one which we face regularly - particularly in the world of weddings, where parents tend to have a more active role in planning and decision making.

For us, sustainability should now be at the heart of any luxury brand's mission statement. We posted recently about our own sustainable floristry commitment, and the official launch party for our new studio in a privately owned eco-conscious estate in the Cotswolds will be happening very soon. We are currently working to transform it into a practical yet comfortable place for our team to work, as well as a stylish space that our clients can come to catch up and submerse themselves in planning and design sessions.

We also respect the fact that our clients often wish to keep their events private in the increasingly public world of social media. Sometimes our clients are happy to show snippets of their celebrations, but so much of what we create is kept hidden as we value the privacy of the individuals who hire us and their guests attending events.

Our passion for this highest level of service and product enables us to travel the world as increasingly we have seen a higher demand for using local as well as global talent to fulfil an event planning brief.

If you are looking for high end luxury event planning or design, please email Jessie & Georgia at to set up an initial consultation.


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