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Bertta Bride | White Flower Arch | Luxury Wedding Planner | Studio Sorores

There is something magically beautiful about a snowy wedding in England. However it certainly presents some logistical challenges!

Luckily as we drove into Oxfordshire the roads were clearing, and we unloaded everything on site at Aynhoe Park before finding refuge at Soho Farmhouse for the night. Fire on and one eye on the weather outside!

We arrived at the venue whilst it was still dark the next morning and focused on creating the huge doorway arch and urn arrangements first. Everything had to be finished by 12pm so it required a huge team effort. f!

Thankfully absolutely nothing was affected by the snow and winter weather in the end. And the white backdrop for those couple portraits is just magical. We get thrown little curveballs all the time and what makes a good event planner or designer is how well you work under pressure and your ability to think of an alternative plan quickly. Schedules occasionally change, things need to be made differently and you may need to stay somewhere else that day, but that is all taken in our stride - we are consistently flexible and confident in our decision making, which means that we can overcome anything!

And honestly, HOW beautiful are these photos and their official wedding film?

Images by Sanshine Photography Film by