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Jessie Westwood of Studios Sorores on Planning Luxury Weddings, Why Wedding Professionals Charge What They Do, Commission, Sustainability and The Shift Away From Perfection

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Love My Dress founder Annabel Beeforth has recorded a 1.5 hour special interview with Director of Studio Sorores - Jessie Westwood - covering an in depth conversation around the following topics:

  • How Jessie became a wedding. planner

  • Why do wedding professionals charge what they do?

  • How does Jessie stay relevant in such a competitive scene

  • How people become unstuck when they don’t follow their authenticity

  • What influences Jessie’s storytelling design approach and her considerations as an artistic designer

  • How Jessie manages tension and conflict and ensures she meets her clients expectations whilst staying to her own artistic vision

  • Five questions to ask a wedding planner before booking them

  • Wedding insurance

  • Commission

  • Sustainability

  • Advice for businesses navigating their way through challenging times

  • The wedding industry as a career option

  • Social media

  • Finding balance

"Jessie’s work is highly sought after by discerning couples around the globe, who seek exceptional talent to create the most luxurious and beautiful wedding day experiences. Jessie is a force to be reckoned with, as anyone lucky enough to know her will contest. She lives and breaths excellent wedding planning and design. She is smart and intelligent. She is hard working and a true grafter who will be the first to roll up her sleeves when a job needs to be done.

She is stylish, discerning, meticulous when it comes to detail and has impeccable taste in fashion and interiors. She’s a high energy, natural born leader who inspires all those around her. She is kind, loyal, and very funny. She has an infectious sense of humour and knows never to take herself too seriously. " - Annabel Beeforth, Founder of Love My dress


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