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Collaboration is such a huge part of what we do at Studio Sorores, and after more than a decade of creating and delivering live workshops, bespoke mentoring and public speaking on wedding business growth, we have finally launched a dedicated space for creative entrepreneurs and independent brands.

We are absolutely delighted to welcome you to the brand new website and home to 1:1 mentoring, online courses, webinars and mini guides for the wedding industry....

Created by Studio Sorores founder and industry expert Jessie Westwood, and tailored specifically to provide ongoing learning opportunities for wedding vendors, artists, suppliers and venues. We are offering intensive one hour mentoring sessions, as well as a more in depth and fully bespoke one day mentoring programme for those wishing to gain tailored support.

Our first online course consists of a webinar and set of useful downloads with worksheets on how to Transform Your Wedding Business. The video presentation itself is around 1hour 45mins long, and packed full of useful guidance on finding your vision, brand identity, portfolio building, entrepreneurial mindset, digital marketing strategies and PR, strategic growth planning and profitability, and sustainability for the future.

transform your wedding business with masterclass by jessie westwood at studio sorores

You can find out more about our new educational resources and get access to FREE mini guides by joining the SOS community at


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