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Spears 500: Studio Sorores Named Top Recommended for Wedding Planners, Events & Entertainment

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Studio Sorores and its founder Jessie Westwood have both been listed in SPEARS 500 lists for best event and wedding planners, and more recently were featured in their guide to the top luxury wedding planners.

Spear's top wedding planners are renowned for their craftsmanship, high quality of service and careful attention to detail

"According to the The Telegraph, the average cost of a wedding is £21,403. When it comes to the luxury wedding sector, that figure is blown out of the water with clients spending up to £60 million on their big day.

From sourcing the best floral arrangements to organising Michelin-starred food and beverage, the top wedding planners cater to only the most discerning clients.

Planning events at such a level is no easy feat — even for the professionals — but having the right wedding planner by your side can be half the battle.

If the secret to a happy marriage is finding the right partner, then the secret to a happy wedding might just be finding the right wedding planner."

Jessie Westwood established her event design business, Studio Sorores, in 2010 after a career in PR and marketing. She now leads a small team at her firm’s Cotswolds headquarters planning and designing events across the world. It’s no easy feat and her team claims to ‘put in well over 1000 hours for every wedding [they] plan.’ Her passion for her work has proved popular with her discerning clients, all of whom are inspired by Studio Sorores’ fundamental mission: ‘We strive to always evoke true luxury in a thoroughly modern and tangible way.’


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