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Wedding & Event Design Essentials: Moodboards

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We are running a short series of guides on the best ways to adapt various looks and trends to create the ultimate design scheme for your wedding or event space. You can see our first guide on TEXTURE here.

Next up is....


Creating a moodboard will help you visualise your wedding or event. If you are not sure where to start when thinking about your styling and design, one way to make it all much easier is to create a moodboard that sets out your overall aesthetic and vision.

We love to be hands on and create physical boards in the studio using fabric swatches, tableware samples, materials, paint colours and flowers alongside imagery we've collected and printed out. It feels much more tangible that way. You can of course stick with a digital moodboard on your phone/laptop/tablet using imagery you have seen online or via social media with your favourite schemes, furnishings, decor, colours and patterns. Preferably you will do both!

Creating a visual collection of the different design elements together in one place will help focus your style and start to imagine the venue or event space as a whole - it's also a really useful tool to brief your suppliers from, ensuring their proposals are cohesive and work together.

Whenever you see a wedding, event, item of furniture, table setting, flowers,. colours or even overall swetting that you love. save it somewhere! Physically or digitally. You want to create a bank of images and spot common themes to help you establish your own style and inspiration.

At Studio Sorores we will take an overall vision and fine tune it into logistically detailed design plans, taking hero pieces to build around, layering around that and creating a scheme with other materials and rentals that sit well alongside them and expanding out from the interiors of your venue space (or creating lining and flooring options in marquees and tents in particular). Don't forget your big pieces, but also your smaller details and accessories.

Our top tip? Choose things that reflect you (or your audience) and that make you happy. Your wedding or event design should reflect a personality. There isn't really a right or wrong (though you can follow design theory and this series will help with that) - but try to enjoy letting your vision evolve, as it will all help with decision making and keeping you inspired as plans progress.


  • Play with words: Don't just use physical objects and imagery, write down words that descrive the feeling you'd like to have at your event. Playful? Elegant? Timeless? Exciting?

  • Choose your colours: Don't just pick one! Choose one or two lead colours and then accent tones and shades to create a palette.

  • Create focus: Try not to overwhelm and confuse the vision with too much content, select your hero images or pieces, then build around those.

  • Keep saving: Don't rush the process, gather as much inspiration and samples as possible before committing to a look for your event. It's all part of the fun.

  • Remember the details: It is important to think about the small moment, accessories and different touch points that take a basic vision and turn it into something more elevated and design led.

Next up? We will be guiding you through patterns - an easy way to inject more colour, contrast, texture and personality into any space or tablescape.

PLUS we have just launched a new virtual design service so do book a consultation if you feel you need more support in bringin your wedding or event vision to life!


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