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As we enter the wedding season for 2019 and look ahead to design planning for our clients next year, we thought we would take a look at what's hot (and what's not!) for design trends in our industry.


A big trend in the industry is to use vendors, decor and ingredients that are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. This doesn't mean sourcing old jam jars again, it's much bigger than that. Clients are choosing vendors with more sustainable credentials. For example here at Studio Sorores we have chosen to locate our main studio in The Cotswolds in a private estate with a mission statement on environmental responsibility. We no longer use floral foam (oasis) in any of our work. We are dedicated to working with British flower farms wherever possible, using seasonal blooms and foraging locally where permitted.


We love a clean minimalist colour palette with a pop of colour. Think lots of layers of cool, pale neutrals with accents of bright hues like pink, blue, yellow and green. It's young, fresh, and full of personality. Perfect for destination weddings in Summer months.


For a while we've been embracing the "pale and interesting" look. We will always love it. But last year we found ourselves creating design booklets for 2019 weddings which featured much darker more moody hues. Forest greens, warm dark grey, mustard, rust and shades of dark blue. Heck we even fancied ourselves a sultry all black palette!


Ok we can't say this is a trend as we've incorporated textures in our designs ever since we started! But it's absolutely a trend going forward - velvet, wood, satin, suede, leather, tassels. Layer it up.


Talking of tassels... bring on the embroidery and embellishments. We featured them on menus, orders of service and other stationery in A/W 2018 weddings (keep an eye on our gallery to see more). However we think it will translate over into bridal fashion too - particularly accessories.


Sure the chair looks nice, but is a guest going to be uncomfortable dining in it or sitting through a long ceremony? Guest experience trumps visual aesthetics more and more. Budgets are being prioritised to ensure there is no queuing for food at buffets, no cash bars, and all of the little details that ensure guests are comfortable through.


Combining metal finishes is now far more on trend than picking one and sticking with it. So feel free to mix up the gold and silver accents in your overall design. You can also mix in other metals and textures (brass, pewter, iron) but try not to go into overkill.


Mixed with more natural and organic materials and textures we see these making a return for 2019/20. Less minimalist and modern, more as a foundation to build from without taking up too much visual space.


Ohh yes... but not how they used to be. We aren't talking bare feet and flower crowns here. It's about vintage modern patterns being layered. Bold floral prints (you'll see this in wallpaper and murals within the interior design world too), and bohemian colour palettes (no pastels please).


No such thing as too much. Mix colours, patterns, textures, finishes.... clash, contrast, be bold. See ya scandi chic! More is more these days. But this look is HARD to get right. It can end up being eclectic on heat, which isn't a good look. Check out our instagram profile for some recent maximalist design work we've created.


This feminine colour isn't dead. Far from it. Just combine with darker moodier hues or loads of organic texture and pattern to keep it from being girly.


We are obsessed with connecting more to nature (maybe it's the shift towards sustainability?). Guaranteed to see more florals and foliage, bigger installations, organic and natural materials. Also venues with lots of natural light and gardens where the outside can be connected to the inside will be more popular.


Succulents, rose gold, one colour theme, macrame, mudcloth/shibori, cool greys, ikat, minimalism, jewel colours, white on white.

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