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wedding guest outfits black tie and red ballgown
Image by Taylor & Porter for Studio Sorores

Do you ever receive an invite to a wedding and wonder what to wear for the event? Each celebration tends to have a dress code and can sometimes send people into a slight panic, so I thought I would round up a quick guide to make things easier for you.

Smart Casual

Let's start with the hardest shall we?! This is a relatively informal and relaxed wedding dress code. You would still be expected to dress neatly and fairly conservatively, but there would not be a specific type of suit or length of dress to find.

Ladies- a pretty sun dress, or neatly tailored outfit would be best. A bright colour for trousers and blazer, or a silk shirt and skirt could work beautifully too. No flip flops or trainers!

Gentlemen - I would recommend chinos or suit trousers with a long-sleeved shirt. A blazer, sports coat or jacket should be worn, but a tie would be optional however. No denim, no shorts and no trainers! Loafers, boat shoes or brogues all the way.


This is one step up and would be more semi-formal. It's slightly more dressy and so you can expect the wedding setting to match. There really isn't an English tradition for this as it's largely an American import of st