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Wedding Planner Checklist - Free Download

wedding planning checklist from professional wedding planner

Have you recently got engaged and feel totally overwhelmed with where to start and what lies ahead of you in the path of wedding planning?

We get it. It's a lot to process and take in, and truly you should be enjoying every moment of that newly engaged feeling!

At some point though you probably want to take the plunge and get started? Those of you who know upfront that you will definitely want to work with a wedding planner probably feel a little more relaxed about things as you know you'll have someone to support you from the outset. Your priority will be finding the right fit for you and that will usually involve creating a shortlist and conducting interviews and initial consultations.

It does definitely help if you are prepared for these though, and we would always suggest you've had the following discussed and mapped out a little in advance:

  1. Your preferred location(s)

  2. Your preferred date(s)

  3. Your estimated guest numbers

  4. Your overall event budget

That really will assist the professionals in quoting accurately up front, and will help you determine who makes your shortlist too.

However we know our couples love to have an idea of what to expect and how much work might be required in the months leading up to the big day itself, so we prepared a quick and easy wedding planning checklist for you. The reality is that there are many more micro steps and administrative duties falling in between all of these items, but hopefully it gives you a better idea of the process and scale of the project!


Wedding Planning Checklist & Worksheet
Download PDF • 55KB

To book a consultation with one of our wedding planning or design team please email us at or book using our online form.


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