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You know you need extra support in making your dream wedding a reality - but what kind of support do you look for?

Designer? Co-ordinator? Planner? Stylist? Creative Director?

Even the industry is confused about job titles, so it's no surprise that picking the right woman or man for the job might feel overwhelming.

Let's break it down a bit:


Someone who handles the full logistical process behind a successful event. This person is best booked right at the start of the planning process, so that you get the best value and most comprehensive level of support in budget management, supplier selection, contract review, timeline and scheduling, meetings being booked and final detail planning with all of your vendors.

We often will describe the job of a wedding planner as part PA part counsellor. It's amazing how well we get to know couples and they families over the planning period!

There are planners who offer partial planning and "on the day" services too. We recommend that if you are looking for someone who does the latter, that it is even more important you feel comfortable with their skill level in final management and disaster planning last minute. It happens. Our partial planning services always start at least 8 weeks before the big day, and are normally combined with our design and floristry services.


The person on charge of the visual aesthetics of a wedding. Sometimes people will label themselves as a "Creative Director" in this category. This is not an individual or company relying on other vendors to create visual guides for their clients (often the florist by the way!) - this is someone who actively creates the overall aesthetics and concepts themselves, develops clear plans and drawings, briefing vendors to ensure each element is cohesive. There is certainly some cross over with planning here, but it's absolutely a role of it's own and not something that's done easily. It's more than a moodboard (!) and there is a huge variety of quality and standard of design in the UK.

We are a good example of a hybrid planning + design company here at Sorores. We have a huge amount of experience across both specialisms and bring multiple talent together in house in order to create bespoke and unique designs for our clients. We combine creative vision with logistical know how so that we can implement our ideas faultlessly and exactly how you envisioned them.


Similar to an "event designer" in that this person is responsible for executing details and overall visual cohesiveness and style. However be aware that there are also a lot of people out there offering styling services with little or no input into the overall event design. It's not uncommon for someone calling themselves a stylist to simply offer a service where they show up and decorate your venue with props and decor you've already organised.

Furthermore, we like to think the role of a stylist goes far beyond the decor of a venue... it covers all aesthetics. From checking the bridal party are dressed correctly, noticing little things that will be picked up on a camera, moving objects that don't sit nicely in a space, styling stationery and personal items for the photographer, taking a design concept and ensuring it is executed perfectly.

We always act as stylists for clients who book us for event design and full service planning.

Hopefully that helps clarify, but if you are still wondering what level of support will best fit your requirements then book in a consultation and we can advise on where you'd get the best value.


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