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Over the years we've seen a remarkable rise in our clients being part of exclusive members clubs around the globe. It's hardly surprising - especially with the continuing popularity of co-working spaces and the ever increasing desire to put down the phones and keep experiences more private.

We thought we'd round up a few of our favourites, having worked at or been a member of them ourselves.

1. Beaufort House

In the heart of Chelsea we hosted and flowered up an industry event at this gorgeous venue - rich British inspired interiors you'd find as welcoming for after work cocktails as you would a business meeting.

2. The Ned

Finally somewhere in the city with amazing restaurants and a rooftop pool for frantic Summer days. We hung out here rather a lot when meeting clients in the area, and were lucky enough to be chosen to help with the official launch of the wedding venue space here. Since then, we've worked on brand campaigns with flowers and decor styling there too.