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UK Luxury Wedding Planner and Designer

This week I wanted to talk about something really important.... trust!

When choosing your suppliers for a wedding or event it's incredibly important to feel like you can trust their expertise, and that you allow them to fully advise on logistics and design throughout.

This is especially true of your planner and designer. So often a client will have a particular vision or preference on colours, but in many cases it just won't work within a space or in the time frame allowed by a venue or itinerary. Nobody is better placed to advise on this than the experts who produce events every week with many years of experience.

At Studio Sorores we take your initial ideas and we weave them into a story, with a cohesive design plan that flows through each stage of the experience, fitting the setting and interiors, whilst considering the logistical challenges and requirements throughout.

We never ever design and plan any elements without approval from our clients, but we do ask that you trust our expertise and adjust your expectations around what is achievable and what will work best in the spaces. We are referred by our clients time and time again because we know exactly how to produce luxury events and parties whilst ensuring the full team of technicians, producers and artists can fulfil the brief to our high standards, and create results that ultimately ensure the absolute best guest experience from start to finish.

Our eye for design means we know what colours and aesthetics work together, weaving together the details to create a sensational overall vision. We are always honest in our initial idea stages, and will tell our clients if we think something doesn't work beautifully, or will be an eye sore on the day. We will never produce an event where we know there isn't a plan to cover all eventualities, using the best spaces effectively and delivering end results that we are proud to put our name to.

Our signature style is what we have come to call "laid back luxury". Nothing is overstated, tasteless or gauche. Everything is of the highest quality and as much attention is given to the small details as the big wow factor installations. It is this blend of skills that make our weddings and events stand out from the crowd.

We also have an element of trust built into our own style of planning and design too. We fully brief and consult our teams of vendors, but we allow them artistic licence and trust their individual expertise on specific implementation and individual proposals - we know they know best, and it's the investment and trust in their skills that has ensured smooth relationships and loyal following for over a decade.

So truly... don't over brief or control the process, allow room for your team to create bespoke ideas and designs, listen to advice on logistics and costs, invest in a planner who can objectively advise you throughout, and trust your team. That's when the magic happens.

UK Luxury Wedding Planner and Designer

Images by Katie Julia Photography for Studio Sorores


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