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Studio Sorores by Jessie Westwood | Luxury Wedding Planner | UK, London, Cotswolds
Studio Sorores by Jessie Westwood | Luxury Wedding Planner | UK, London, Cotswolds




Here at Studio Sorores Ltd we are fully committed to growing a modern, luxury and responsible business. 

We continue to challenge ourselves and continue to push boundaries to create new, bespoke and luxurious designs and installations that are both impactful, beautiful and sustainable. All vendors and suppliers are asked to compost, reuse and recycle packaging and materials for every event, we try to use locally grown and seasonal produce wherever possible, and in 2018 we announced that we are now fully committed to working with florists who don't use floral foam in any of our designs. 


Floral foam, more commonly known as Oasis (the brand name), is widely used in the floristry industry as a foundation to floral arrangements. It's easy and flexible to use, but the truth is that the material itself is alarmingly bad for our environment and one of the largest contributors to plastic waste in the industry. It is a material that's not bio-degradable and is essentially plastic. It is a petroleum-derived product, which means that it comes from a non-renewable resource, and is also made using chemicals such as carbon black, formaldehyde and barium sulphates. The foam is also a single-use plastic, meaning that its life as a useful tool in floristry is minimal compared to its infinite lifespan in landfill.


Working with artists and skilled staff across the UK as we continue to work towards more social sustainability. We encourage flexi-working, we continue to research and gather our little black book of suppliers working across the UK and Europe with a similar mind-set and approach to sustainable luxury service or products.


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