We recently read this article in the New York Times: "What happened to traditional floral bouquets?" and it got us talking about the floristry revolution in the UK. For as long as we have been in business (over 7 years now!) we have been championing the wilder, more organic and artistic approach to styling and floral design. In the last couple of years, the rise of the "fine art" movement has really championed that style too, and it finally feels like the wedding industry is catching up - though it's yet to really take hold within the lifestyle sector.

It isn't just about the way a bouquet or flower arrangement looks though - it is about the design process behind an entire event, for which florals are always such a huge part.

It's very hard to interpret because the focus is on tangibility and guest experience, of which visual impact only plays one part. One reason we launched STUDIO SORORES is because we felt the best weddings and events we produced were collaborations - where impeccable planning met high level design and creative styling with exceptionally beautiful flowers. For us, true luxury is when an event not only looks great, but feels great. We focus on ensuring guests have an incredible experience for all of their senses.

There are some elements of modern floral design that are clearly distinguished from a more traditional look - arrangements more than often feature many different (and often rare or unusual) varieties of blooms and foliage, they tend not to be perfectly formed into tight or compact styles, but rather they flow and move in a more natural form. We allow the flowers to do the talking, and we use only the very best quality in order to maintain a more luxury end product for our clients.

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