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We are often asked by the media to give them trends in the wedding and event industry every year - and typically it's something we avoid doing because we are so client focused in our design processed. We prefer to create timeless, elegant and bespoke designs that tell a story.

Last year however, we designed a Winter wedding for new client last minute that heavily involved the colour green. It was part of a personal story we were telling, but since then we've seen this colours in interior design everywhere.

There is a really strong tie between interiors & fashion and the wedding & event industry. The textures, patterns and colours often mirror each other.

So we thought we'd talk about how to use the colour green in event design as it's so often requested in the palette.

Green: the colour of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.

It's a colour that people often want to pair with fresh whites and soft ivory, keeping colour to a minimum - however we love it with greys and warmer neutral beige tones, as well as contrasting it with pretty blush and pops of red. In this wedding we also gave it a bohemian edge with black contrasting details in the stationery and furniture.

We prefer the cooler or softer hues - from emerald to hunter green, to mint and sage. We aren't such big fans of lime green or brighter hues, which can be a little harsh on the eye and difficult to match with floral displays.

See gallery below for more of this green hued bohemian wedding with photography by Katie Julia.


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