#WhatAboutWeddings - Couples and Suppliers Need Clarity and Support

Recently our Director of Design, Planning and Production Jessie Westwood has been actively campaigning for more clarity and a roadmap to guide couples, suppliers and business owners in the wedding industry alongside other leading professionals using the #whataboutweddings hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. You can read the original article published on wedding media site Love My Dress here.

"Increasingly I found myself on the receiving end of calls, emails and messages from colleagues and couples asking for more guidance or advice on forward planning their special day in 2020," said Jessie. "Whilst all of our clients have successfully postponed larger events and in some cases committed to hosting smaller celebrations in line with government restrictions, I felt a huge duty of care to the wider industry" she continued, "I've got a huge presence as a respected event planner in the UK with over a decade of supporting consumers, freelancers and small business owners. It's imperative that the British government take the time to understand our sector and the different communities it serves. Our industry is worth over £10.5bn to the UK economy every year and we must be taken more seriously, with a roadmap to recovery that considers all faiths and cultures."

As of 27th July 2020 current rules allow for a ceremony and restricted version of a reception for 30 guests, including suppliers, from 1st August 2020. While we await more detailed guidance to be published, it is immediately clear that different faiths and cultures have been excluded, and the vast majority of couples holding out for dates in September, October, November and even December desperately need clarity on whether those guest number allowances are likely to increase in line with the rest of the events sector. Latest guidance can be found here.

The campaign #whataboutweddings is calling for clarity, parity and support in an industry that was first to be affected and impacting the lives of so many people waiting to celebrate such a milestone and important celebration.

"I think the impact on mental health for couples in limbo, and the financial impact on so many talented and well respected professionals has been largely dismissed or ignored so far," says Jessie, "we are an industry largely led by female entrepreneurs who are extremely hard working and contribute so much to this huge sector which feeds directly into others like tourism, hospitality and travel. I am deeply concerned about job losses and business closures in more rural communities where employment is already an issue faced by many. I think couples deserve to have a long term plan they can then make progress with personally. We want to be safe and sensible. Public health comes first - but with pubs and restaurants open and stadiums looking like they will be back in action by October, we must push for a plan in our own sector."

For all media, PR and journalist requests please email Jessie Westwood at info@studiosorores.com

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