There is something magically beautiful but also incredibly nerve-wracking about producing a snowy Winter wedding in England. I was feeling incredibly relaxed about it all, until I drove up to our studio and couldn't park the van because the snow was so heavy and thick. Huge shout out to our Uncle Ben and the local pub for shovelling the snow and getting Jessie over to me in time! And to our wonderful florist Alexa who has a huge 4x4 truck that proved invaluable. Our studio is in a seriously beautiful Cotswold location but it's not the most snow appropriate location. Thank goodness this kind of weather happens very rarely.

As it turns out, I am super speedy when I need to be and work well under pressure - there's nothing quite like the support of your sister/business partner when half your staff can't get to you. Jessie arrived in snow boots and a carrier bag full of snacks to keep us going in case we got stuck.

Luckily, the snow was far worse where we were, and as we drove into Oxfordshire the roads were clearing by the mile. We had decided to get to Aynhoe Park a day early, so that the flowers were in safe hands and booked ourselves into Soho Farmhouse for the night (poor us), which I've now decided is exactly what you need when you're doing a wedding. There really is nothing quite like the home from home cosiness that you feel when staying at Soho Farmhouse.

We arrived at Aynhoe Park whilst it was still dark the next morning and made the huge doorway arch and urn arrangements onsite. Everything had to be finished by 12pm so it required some serious hard work from our team. Since we no longer use floral foam, everything takes a little longer. So thank you to everyone for working your little butts off!

I was so pleased that absolutely nothing was effected by the weather in the end. And the pure white snowy backdrop for those couple portraits is just magical. We get thrown little curveballs all the time and what makes a good event planner/designer/florist is how well you work under pressure and your ability to think of an alternative plan quickly. Schedules occasionally change, things need to be made differently and you may need to stay somewhere else that day, but that is absolutely fine. Work with it, not against it. Being flexible and confident with your decisions means that you can overcome anything!

And honestly, HOW beautiful are these photos?! Their dog was the most beautiful and softest sweetheart who followed them around all day. What a babe.

Oh how we love an Aynhoe Park wedding!

Venue: Aynhoe Park

Photography: Sanshine Photography

Dress: Berta at The Wedding Club

Flowers: Studio Sorores

Balloons: Bubblegum Balloons

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