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We have an extensive network and "little black book" of the best wedding and event industry artists, producers, suppliers, venues and staff built up globally since we first launched in 2010. We seek to build strong relationships where we know we can trust our wider team to deliver at the highest standards, meeting our specific style and expectations.  

However we don't ever stand still here at STUDIO SORORES and are always looking to collaborate, promote and work with new and emerging talent. We have a vigorous review process and would always have a one to one interview, as well as a viewing or product trials where relevant, before feeling confident enough to recommend you to our clients worldwide. 

If you would like to be considered then please kindly email us at with as much information as possible including the following: 

Business name

Link to main website and social media profiles

An example of a recent wedding in your portfolio

Outline of your service, product and offering 

Relevant experience, particularly within the wedding and event sector

A sustainability report or mission statement 

Your full costs or a detailed pricing guide

Summary of why you'd be a good fit for our clients and brand

At least one recent testimonial

Please note, we never request or accept commission or referral fees from our venues or suppliers. We would be delighted if you would like to offer STUDIO SORORES clients an extra gift or discount, but we always make recommendations based on suitability and requirements. 

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