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Studio Sorores - UK Luxury Wedding Planner and Designer | Jessie Westwood | London, Cotswolds







STUDIO SORORES is a UK-based event planning and design practice. We are experts in entertaining. From our studio in The Cotswolds, Studio Sorores offers a complete and comprehensive service from logistical planning and consultation to full design and production of milestone celebrations, weddings, private parties and lifestyle brand events. We work around the world using a team of trusted and highly skilled artists and specialists, with a wide variety of trusted suppliers and vendors, to ensure that we always create and deliver breathtakingly beautiful, unique and timeless experiences, from initial concept through to completion. We aim to exceed expectations and make the event planning process as smooth as possible, working within your time constraints and aiming to always deliver within your budget.


Studio Sorores was founded by Jessie Westwood, recognised as the top wedding planner and designer in the UK for over a decade. Prior to launching her own wedding & event planning business in 2010, Jessie worked in corporate events, publishing, PR and marketing.

It is under Jessie's leadership - with her ability for storytelling, honesty and professionalism at the heart of every project - that we have attracted some exceptional clients for major milestone events, alongside a loyal following and network of vendors and suppliers in the industry. We work on a wide range of events, and are very much seen as experts in entertaining, but often take on smaller bespoke projects for lifestyle brands and private homes.  

Jessie believes in an extremely individual approach to event design and planning. Every client brief is unique, and she insists that the team spend time fully understanding, researching and building the story for each event. We take time to get to know our clients n a personal level, helping them visualise and connect with concepts, all whilst continuing to maintain high standards of logistical detail due to our expertise, connections and extensive experience with deep understanding of the flow of events in different locations. Nothing ever feels the same. 








The Studio Sorores brand has grown in reputation with over a decade of success, and is known within the industry for the unique ability to combine high level design with seamless planning and logistics. With a wealth of shared know how, skills and talent built up over many years - clients can trust that skill, integrity and excellent communications are always at the heart of our work.

We strive to always evoke true luxury in a thoroughly modern and tangible way and are widely regarded not only for our creativity and commitment to creating unique experiences and design, but for our ability to put our clients needs first at all times. We work with and recommend the best artists and vendors for the job - we don't request commission from independent suppliers we work with, we never mark up costs, and there are no hidden extras. Transparency and trust are of utmost importance with our clients. We focus on the quality of each individual element so that it blends together cohesively and entices all of the senses - with exceptional planning and logistics behind the scene.

We care deeply about the artistic process behind each event, ensuring the details are well organised and expertly managed from the start. We allow our clients to maintain control over all decision making, but are most importantly here to guide you and inspire you.


There has always been a strong social responsibility and sustainability ethos behind Studio Sorores. We don't believe that delivering increedible experiences should ever mean compromising on our core values, and will always advise clients on the many ways we work behind the scenes to be true leaders within the field - from reasearch projects, close ties to assosiactions, developing relationships with supplier who share our common goals and extensive research into the very best ways to maintain standards and continue to grow our business in the right direction.


“I wholeheartedly believe in authentic, timeless design, and exceptional logistical planning are essential, but where friendship, transparency and an honest relationship forms with our clients and follows through into everything we do across the management and production of the final experience.


I am passionate about visualising concepts for clients that are unique and true to the location and space, working in harmony with the setting, whilst creating an individualised and personal experience with a focus on detail. Each element of the event should be fully considered, ensuring harmony and creating one cohesive look that is never over stated, tacky or trend led. 


I have always got a huge amount of satisfaction from taking a clients brief and helping them to discover what will bring joy, conceptualising and ensuring through meticulous planning that they always feel completely at ease and confident in the process and that we will deliver to them an event that surpasses all expectations."


- Jessie Westwood

Studio Sorores by Jessie Westwood | Luxury Wedding Planner | UK, London, Cotswolds
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