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Never underestimate the importance of floral displays with interior design and decor. They can add a big statement, or subtly add life and colour to a room or space. We often dress private homes with real and faux flower arrangements - they typically add visual interest to dining tables, sideboards, kitchens, entrance halls, dressing rooms and mantelpieces. From small and delicate to luxurious and abundant – flowers are an interior design joy, and can provide so much more impact than an quick hight street treat or occasional gift.

Like artwork we consider colour, texture and shape in the context of the space and season. We ensure the designs work harmoniously with all other decor and often will play an important part in completing any perfect interior design picture.

We love designing and creating displays for corporate events, hotels, restaurants, private parties and weddings - but our extensive experience in interior architecture and design means we can take our floristry into the home and office too. Silk flowers have come a long way, and if you are looking for something impactful that lasts longer, rather than regular fresh flowers, we can also create luxurious realistic arrangements that can be used time and time again.

We also work closely with interior designers, developing their interior vision to come up with a floral design style and the colour scheme that fits the project and budget perfectly. From contemporary and modern, to more organic fine art designs. We ensure your floral displays are the perfect balance of fashionable and timeless, depending on the brief.

Our floral design service is available across the UK from our studios in London and The Cotswolds. If we can assist you with your floral interior design, please feel free to get in touch.

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