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Your wedding should be a story of who you are. A collection of everything you love. A library of memories” ~ Jessie Westwood, Founder of Studio Sorores

It is all too easy to plan your wedding as if it's one large checklist of things to do - venue, booked, florist, booked, and so on. However I prefer to take a much more intimate and fun approach to bringing your special day to life through the planning process.

One of the first things I do is really get to know a couple personally, in an in depth consultation together. I like to visit your home (in an ideal world) or favourite restaurants, I talk in depth about how you met, your memorable holidays, the best meal you've ever eaten together, your fashion preferences, what scent you wear, your lifestyle choices and interiors.

All of it tells me a story about who you are as a couple, and kick starts my design and planning process in order to make truly personal and memorable for everyone who attends.

I often see couples make the mistake of simply choosing a colour scheme or theme for their wedding and briefing suppliers independently of each other. It's a mistake in ensuring cohesiveness, and it's extremely limiting when it comes to detail and personalisation for artists involved. Every element should flow together - from the save the date, to the dining to the dance floor. You need all of your vendors to be working with a clear vision that still allows them room to showcase their artistry.

I would say that design planning is one of the largest and most time consuming parts of planning a wedding, and often the most overwhelming too. Whilst the vast majority of our clients book us for full service planning and production, we do offer design, styling and final production as a standalone service for those who have already made some progress at the start of their journey. Typically they will have booked a venue, caterer and often their photographer at this stage. In some ways that makes things harder for us as we need to work with the setting as much as your story (we always consider the latter when full planning and shortlisting venues or marquee companies). Think of the venue like a canvas on which we paint!

If you have an historical building with dark oak panelling, it makes it a little harder to do a light fresh palette with modern furnishings. Or if you have a traditional pole tent but want huge ceiling installations, it's going to be impossible due to health and safety with weight limits.

However we can help you take the anxiety away, flip your confused collections of ideas into a clear visual plan, and ensure "you" are represented throughout the decor and aesthetic.

To enquire for full planning or design services please email Jessie at


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