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White doesn't need to be boring. It's actually one of my all time pet hates - white on white on white on white. Mainly because, white flowers are never really white enough, especially compared to table linens and wedding dresses. They will often look too yellow.

We have been working with the lovely Caroline and Mark over the last year and a half. They hired us for full wedding planning and floral design as they live in the US and chose to get married at one of our all time favourite venues Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire. The Brides mother is a talented florist and had an extremely successful business for many years. It was a first for me to be hired by someone in the same field, I can only imagine how difficult it must be to trust someone else to do your daughters wedding flowers when you have the experience she has, so it felt like a real honour to be chosen to be their wedding florist.

We explored many different avenues over the year and it was clear that this couple didn't want ordinary flowers. That's very much what we're known for - we don't imitate, we don't repeat ourselves and we don't do ordinary! The design process is what makes my job feel so special, getting to know people and creating something that is entirely unique to them.

After sampling a few different styles and colour combinations and taking lots of inspiration from the Dutch Masters, Caroline realised that all of this colour just wasn't sitting right with her. She wanted a white wedding - but not an ordinary white wedding, a white wedding that is different to any other white wedding.

And that is how I came up with this Monochrome design. Embracing the contrast of the subtle variations in tones of black and white, ensuring there was an array of flowers that differed in shape and size so that when they are arranged together your eye moves around the arrangement noticing one thing after the other. When working in this way, placement of flowers is essential and something that you really must take your time doing. I see every vase I make as a series of paintings, they belong together on the wall but each one has it's own brush strokes. Black viburnum berries and seasonal contrasting crab apples (a colour we picked up on with table styling) brought additional floral interest and texture, but what really made it was the grapes. A little nod to the Dutch Masters paintings we were inspired by and fitting for a cosy winter wedding. And let's not forget the Cafe Au Laits dahlias. There's only a short period of time every year that you get to use them and I am so delighted that we were able to use Carolines favourite flower. They are such a statement flower and deserve to be used with much thought and precision.

Big thumbs up for monochrome flowers!

Georgia x


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