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Zimmerman Engagement Shoot With Katie Julia Photography

My clients often ask me if it's worth having an engagement shoot before their wedding, and my answer is always a resounding "YES!"

Hopefully the images from this photo shoot with luxury photographer Katie Julia show exactly why that is, but I thought it would be useful to outline my top reasons for having one!

1. A Chance To Meet Your Photographer

It's lovely to meet your photographer over zoom or even in person, but seeing how they work in action is super useful in understanding how they will be with you on the wedding day itself. Will they offer you direction? How long is spent capturing each look or pose? How do they make you feel when in their company? Remember your photographer spends the most time with you all day (other than perhaps your planner!) so it's super important that you find someone you genuinely feel a connection and good fit with.

2. They Help You Feel Relaxed