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Luxury London Florist: Flower Delivery UK

Since we started our floristry business, we have always focused on events and larger scale installations - not only for private clients, but also for creative brands and PR agencies across London and the UK.

Recently, we've had an increasing number of enquiries for gift bouquets from our past clients - and it's prompted us to really consider offering unique luxury arrangements as gifts, in our signature style.

We always tell our brides that their wedding bouquet should be the most incredible arrangement of florals they ever hold. A reflection of their style and personality. However, wouldn't that be lovely to offer someone on their birthday or after the birth of their first child? It's not just a wedding we celebrate with fresh blooms after all!

Our bouquets are luxurious, unique, wild and chic. Sometimes a little outrageous, more often elegant and timeless. We always prefer to create bespoke designs for the lucky recipient, rather than picking something generic. We use only the finest flowers, and always seek seasonal and unique varieties.

You can contact us for a gift bouquet commission now, but we are soon to be launching a dedicated website for all your floral dreams and desires! So watch this space, and sign up below to receive a discount off your first order.

We also deliver contract flowers to private houses, offices, restaurants and hotels across London. Find out more here.

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