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Towards the end of last year, our dear friend Katie Julia asked lead art director at Studio Sorores, Jessie Westwood, to help her create new images for a rebranded website. The brief: more "her", more womanly, more reflective of her personal style and brand mission, reflecting the arts she adores, conveying of emotion.

Working will Kylee Yee in art direction and styling on the day, Jessie previously created on brand moodboards and concepts, with a clear brief.

Helping Katie to be on the other side of the camera by first relaxing, and then encouraging more emotion and depth in the portraits.

You can follow Katie's beautiful photography and paintings via her instagram here, and see more from the shoot below.

If you would like to create new portfolio or branded images - for marketing material, website or social media use - then please visit our dedicated pages for more information or email us at

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