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What's interesting for us as a full service planning and floristry studio, is that we are booked to plan, design, style and create florals for weddings all over the world. Gone are the days where engaged couples simply pick a local planner and the florist recommended by the venue - it's 2018 and our clients are far more discerning.

They do detailed research and carry out interviews to find the very best planner whom not only organises things perfectly, but who can also deliver knock out bespoke designs for events too. It may be that the decision is still influenced by how close that planner is located to the couple themselves, or at least in the same country as the event - but more and more we are being asked to fly further afield to curate events.

This is especially true when it comes to event design, styling and florals. It's safe to say that whilst we celebrate the individuality of each client, and create brand new entirely bespoke styling for each one - we do have a signature "sorores style" that is recognised throughout the industry. We specialise in creating luxury, timeless, elegant, modern, refined, intimate affairs - no matter how large or small the guest list. We are renowned as the best fine art, organic, luxury florist in the UK and Europe, and as such we are commissioned far and wide!

We are very lucky that we have studios in two of the best destination wedding locations in England - whether that is a modern city wedding in London or traditional country wedding in The Cotswolds - however this year we have travelled to Santorini, Verona, Capri, New York, Antibes and Paris visiting clients and venues for wedding and honeymoon plans.

We thought it would be handy to provide a list of top tips for planning a destination wedding:

1. Be practical - there is no point choosing the more incredible and remote location if it will be impossible for guests to find accommodation or transport nearby.

2. Be considerate - it's always wise to send out save the dates nice and early with destination weddings. Let your guests know the date and location so they can book off time, and then follow up with more details as soon as possible. If budget allows, then we would recommend booking accommodation and local transport (at least) on behalf of your guests... if you can extend the generosity to their flights too, even better!

3. Be cohesive - let the setting and venue take the lead when it comes to styling and decor. There is nothing worse than an event where they have tried to transform a space into somewhere entirely different. Unless it is truly a blank canvas, let the location do the talking and enhance it with your styling.

4. Hire a planner - this one goes without saying. Do not rely on the in house co-ordinator unless you want a cookie cutter version of the bride before you. Preferably find one with an eye for detail and a vision for beautiful styling, and whom will work with local contacts to ensure language barriers are not a problem. Styling services and rentals in a lot of Europe is absolutely awful, so you need someone to come in who knows what they are doing!

5. Budget properly - consider the fact that you may well want to fly in vendors/suppliers from other locations to get the right person for the job. So factor in hotel and flight expenses for those on top of your guests, as well as shipping of hire items or decor (see above!).

6. Pack wisely - you get to have so much fun packing your wedding wardrobe, but don't forget to consider the local weather when choosing the bridal party attire. Ensure you have weather appropriate gear including wet/hot/windy back up plans! And always, ALWAYS, carry your wedding gown on board the plane - do not check it in with your other luggage!

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