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Are Wedding Planners Worth It?

Are wedding planners worth it - uk - worldwide

The common question often asked by newly engaged couples as they face a mountain of research, admin and decision making ahead of their planned wedding celebration.

The answer to the question "are wedding planners worth it" is undoubtedly - yes.

In terms of value, time saving, expert knowledge, contacts and skills to provide you with the very best event management, supplier list and overall design a wedding planner should be the very first thing you consider when you set out to plan your own wedding. Does that mean every couple can afford one? Clearly not. You are paying for expertise that has been hard earned, and you are hiring someone to commit hundreds of hours to your particular project in your specific planning period. Of course you can DIY it all, much like anything else.... from home interiors to accounting... but if you can make your budget afford an expert to do the job properly then you absolutely should. It will release the time you'd have to spend committing to planning and designing, and in the busy world where most of us also have work, family and social commitments that is invaluable.

However it can also ensure you do not make costly mistakes, that your budget is utilised correctly, that you have the very best vendors you can afford, and that you have a stress free and enjoyable experience. All of which is invaluable!

Most of our couples at Studio Sorores are creative and capable, and would be able to visualise their preferred aesthetic and manage spreadsheets and timelines to some extent. However few have the experience and expertise to ensure those logistics are seamless, or realise their vision with the right team at the right price, and without a serious amount of effort and time set aside to do it all.

Which brings us to....

"Can I afford a wedding planner?"

The honest answer is...yes...but also... it depends.

I would always look at your overall initial event budget to ascertain whether you can and should bring in a professional event planner for your wedding.

Tip: We would always recommend spending 10-20% of your overall event budget on a wedding planner

So, that will ultimately determine whether you can afford full wedding planning and design support from start to finish (which typically involves budget management, venue search and selection, full design concepts and drawings, supplier shortlisting, management of consultations and meetings, overseeing contracts and agreements, timelines and logistics, RSVP management, supplier management, set up and styling, on the day production, clear down and completion of an event through to the last moment). You may need to consider looking at a more bespoke service that offers specific support in areas you most need it, final co-ordination and production in the months leading up, or even just some hourly support.

We offer hourly support services from £250 + VAT per hour, which is a super affordable way for those on smaller budgets to access the very best professional advice from a team with over 15 years of experience supporting live events and weddings in particular.

Ultimately full planning services will always offer the best value per hour as we operate without time restrictions and cover every single element you'd require, and if you can afford to bring someone in to hold your hand throughout then it is 100% your best investment. One look at our testimonials should give you an idea of how much we support our couples! It's more than a job, we very much are personal assistants who go above and beyond to make your dreams come true whilst also holding an incredibly high standard of professionalism and expertise.


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