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Honestly, I think the biggest concern for couples is sourcing and booking trusted, reliable, talented suppliers who they know can deliver.

I have heard countless stories where clients have spent many hours looking through Instagram, Pinterest and google search results only to feel more confused than ever. I don't blame them! It's a crowded market and it's hard to tell from an online footprint how well they will actually deliver. So I thought I would share some tips for you to help make things easier.

1. Hire a Wedding Planner

Starting with the obvious! An experienced planner with 5+ years working in the sector will be well placed to advise on the best suppliers for your budget, location and style preferences. They will have worked with them before, seen how they deliver, and will actively avoid anyone who isn't well regarded. That said, do check that your planner recommends on merit and suitability, and doesn't have bias with financial kickbacks or personal connections. At Studio Sorores we do not ask for commission from suppliers, and we always disclose any connection to a recommendation (heads up, half our favourite suppliers have become our best mates over the years - we think it's a good thing!). We also actively look for and invest in new talent, but always after a rigorous review process. You can apply to be considered for our supplier list here.

2. Cross check socials and official website

It may be that someone has a wonderful social media profile, but when you look for their official website it comes up short - or vice versa. It makes sense to look at their online presence fully, as someone established and experienced should have a solid presence. That said, some of my favourite creative freelancers and artists have close to nothing or a rather less luxe look in their online footprint. So the opposite can be true too.

3. Are appearances deceiving?

A lot of social media profiles in particular can be misleading. I have had my own work portfolio images being used by other planners and stylists without full disclosure that it's inspiration and not actually their own creation. I try to challenge it but honestly it happens a lot! If you see a wedding you love in a supplier feed then be sure to ask if it is their project or not. Likewise, it isn't hard to create a beautiful website with enough investment - but look carefully at the about page and portfolio. Are you looking at real weddings or styled shoots? Is there enough in there to convince you of their experience beyond first impressions?

4. Google isn't always right

The results at the top of Google are not always representative of the best suppliers for your wedding. I see really quite average vendors appearing at the top of search pages all the time, and kudos to them for excellent SEO work! There are so many buzzwords being used that it's hard to distinguish which results are genuine. I would always recommend you ask for referrals and reviews, cross check credentials and ask lots of questions. Are they really a "luxury florist" if they have never worked with a larger budget or created major installations? Are they really the "best wedding photographer" if all that backs it up is an industry award given where you enter yourself and win on friend votes rather than talent? I actually find social media is super good as a tool to help you deep dive into what someone really delivers, and at what level.

5. Ask for referrals and recommendations

Absolutely key, but a word of warning - couples who got married likely won't have seen any problems behind the scenes and are unlikely to admit they didn't make the best choices. Venue supplier lists are often awful, full of paid for listings or without consideration to style, sustainability or expectations. Better to ask from recommendations from other suppliers - who do they often work with a really rate? What makes them brilliant? You'll connect likeminded artists that align with your style that way.

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