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Luxury Wedding Design Services - How We Work

We thought it would be lovely to show you a little more about our concept to final design installation process in collaboration with florists, rental companies and production teams.

Our first step is always to spend 1-2 hours with our clients in order to fully brief on preferred styles, personal aesthetic, story telling, initial ideas and dreams! We create something bespoke for every client, so it's important for us to unravel detail that allows us to design to the finest level, taking your guests on a journey from invitation to dancing the night away and farewells.

Once we have spent some time with you, we go away and gather inspiration and imagery to help build a visual guide from start to finish. We spend a long time refining this, and begin to delve into logistical details that various teams require in order to quote and create their own proposals.

We write up a detailed guide to your events, because to us wording is incredibly important in outlining specific concepts and storytelling to match any images and illustrations. Eventually we take all of this and create a digital design booklet that details everything - an extremely useful way to help you visualise, but also to brief vendors and artists so that their own interpretation and proposals are cohesive with each other.

Often we will create additional floorplans, illustrations, quick visual guides and mini moodboards after this - helping clients to feel completely in control of the overall vision.