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As we enter September it's usually the time the team at Studio Sorores look ahead to winter and Christmas events towards the end of the year. Obviously 2020 is looking a little different with Covid-19 ruining all our best plans. We know from talking to our regular clients that the huge office parties with large production event planning are not going to be happening as they have in previous years. However we have also used our PR, business strategy and commercial experience to help businesses understand how they can still use this period to bring teams together, encourage brand loyalty and reengage with staff on a personal level.

Christmas 2020 is the year of the dinner party. Small. Intimate. Designed impeccably with much more of a personal and unique experience. Private chefs. Cosier environments. Small teams. Board director dining like never before.

It's a completely different approach, but one that is far more smart and tailored to your specific sector and teams. An opportunity for larger organisations to really focus on multiple smaller events that foster creativity and closeness which has been missed by so many for so long. It's also an opportunity to invest in top level client events with brand alignment and a personal touch, an investment in your most loyal consumers and trusted service providers.

Private homes, hire venues and restaurants will replace the big conference centres. Gone will be generic boring flowers, stiff white tablecloths and cheap tableware for thousands of staff in one place. Not that we ever did those! Instead you'll be thinking outside of the box, with personalised stationery, gifting, cohesive and well designed tablescapes, a more tangible experience in a safe and secure environment adhering to government guidelines.

It's never too soon to start budgeting and planning ahead, and our team are truly the experts on storytelling and private party design and production.

Email for all Christmas and Autumn/Winter 2020 private and corporate event enquiries.


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