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I need to talk to you about taste. 🍋

I wanted to write something in our journal about "Taste".

Not your innate sense of style.

Not your ability to discern what is quality or if you have an eye for timelessness over trends.

No… I do of course mean food and drink.

Literally, I want to talk about how events taste.

Because for a long time I’ve talked openly about tantalising and considering all of your guests five senses through weddings and events, and I feel more recently that it’s become popular for others to do so (rightly so really). However I still often see an approach to food that baffles me. It’s an afterthought. It’s showy and ridiculous or it’s designed to soak up booze without consideration.

For me it’s an integral part of event design.

So what does a #studiosorores menu look like?

It depends on YOU. 🌟

It should reflect your story, your journey, your favourite flavours, your heritage, your family, your travels, your comforts and your joys. It should also work beautifully with your surroundings and aesthetic.

The buzz word at the moment is tablescaping. So. Many. Ideas. Everywhere you look is a tutorial or inspirational image of how you can layer so many details on your dinner tables.

For me though your table top designs should always help the food shine and allow guests the ultimate dining experience. It’s not there to distract from the scent, colour and visual delight that food brings. It should be complementary and cohesive.

We are VERY fussy about our catering partners. We strive to build close relationships, help design bespoke menus, weave their ingredients into our own styling, focus on seasonal and local flavours, push for sustainability and the ability to *still* deliver second to none service with the best staff and chefs working their magic.

A sincere thanks to one of our favourite food & drink partners in the UK @spook_ldn for sharing this behind the scenes footage at the top of the post from one of our events together. I think it says so much about how we deliver above and beyond. Always.

Location: @euridge_

Caterer: @spook_ldn

Planning & Design: @studiosorores by @jessie_westwood


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