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Valentines Day Proposals & Engagements

I absolutely love Valentines Day, everything about it just lovely - grand proclamations of love, sweet suppers and nights in, flowers on doorsteps, and mystery cards - it's just so nice to celebrate something so happy!

And then there are the engagements of course. I tend to get a lot of enquiries about wedding planning after 14th February every year, as couples gear up to start planning their big day.

There are so many questions at first, and the biggest one is when to book?

Aim for this year or wait another year to get wed? I personally prefer a shorter planning time as I think the fast paced fun is all part of the experience. A whirlwind of joy and preparations.

However I do understand that some couples will prefer to take a more leisurely pace and have ultimate flexibility on dates and suppliers with a longer pre-wedding engagement to enjoy too.

Either way I would highly recommend fixing a date and finding a planner to support you as early as possible, to avoid stresses and mistakes along the way. We really do help keep things calm and focused (and fun!).

If you are recently engaged then do book in an hourly consultation or email us on to find out more about our full planning and design services.


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