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wedding planner faq's

Studio Sorores Wedding Planner FAQs

I thought it would be useful to give you some honest answers to frequently asked questions we receive here at Studio Sorores.

Why is a wedding planner important?

What makes Studio Sorores different to other wedding planners?

Do you charge for consultations?

How long do I need to plan a wedding?

Do you only work with your own suppliers and vendors?

Is an independent wedding planner really needed if our venue has a wedding co-ordinator or in house event manager?

Do you design it for us and take over, or can we be involved?

Should I book someone local to my venue?

Should my planner ever do more than one wedding a day?

Can I afford a wedding planner?

Should we be asking for past client referrals?

What should we look for when choosing a wedding planner?


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